A lot of students in South Africa cannot achieve their dreams and go study their dream jobs because of financial situations, this stops most students from applying for universities and colleges even though their academic scores are more than good enough. This is where MathU Fellows wants to help.

Our main goal at MathU Fellows is to help every student in South Africa achieve their dream by giving them the chance to go study at a University/College with a bursary they can receive by applying through our application. Interested?

Our Story

MathU Fellows was started with a dream to allow every student in South Africa to get the chance to go study after graduating from High School. With a lot of South Africa’s families not being financially able to pay for their kid’s educations, many kids are not able to continue with their education or even go to High School. This causes many of our youth to not reach their full potential and limits their entry into higher skilled jobs which means less income and slower growth for our country’s economy.

With MathU Fellows, we can help students to not only substantially improve their academic level, but to help them to receive bursaries from fellow companies and sponsors. But it does not stop there! Our fellow companies and sponsors will also help students secure a job right after graduating from Universities/Colleges.

There is no hiding it, certain job skills are urgently needed in South Africa such as Engineers, Doctors, Architects and many more. MathU Fellows wants to help students go and study, receive a tertiary education and help transform South Africa’s education situation.

Why MathU Fellows?

Improve your academic strong points

Your Academic skills determine where and what you can study after graduating from High School. We can help improve your academic scores for you to go and study.

Receive a bursary for your studies

Study bursaries play a fatal role for students who can’t afford to go study. Your Academic skills along with some help from MathU Fellows can earn you a study bursary. The better your academic skills, the bigger your bursary.

Secure a post-graduate job for your future

Getting through your studies and graduating is just half the battle. Finding a job can be a major issue for many post-graduates. MathU Fellows will help secure a great job before you even graduate.

How do I join?

1. Fill In Our Application

Go to our application form below and fill in all the the required information. The more information you provide us with, the easier and quicker we can contact you.

2. Agree To Our Terms & Conditions

Before submitting your application below, please agree to our terms and conditions. This is to protect both us and you.

3. Submit Your Application

After you submit your application, we will then evaluate your application. The information you provide will determine how quickly we can reach out to you and if you are successful.

Application Form

To apply for MathU Fellows, please fill in our application below and agree to our terms and conditions.

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