MathU Homework Scheduler.

The MathU Homework Scheduler allows tutors to provide custom homework exercises and assessments, either by class or individually. This lets each learner advance at their own pace when they encounter challenges. Tutors will also be able to assign homework to individual students who need extra attention with their subject skills.

Welcome to the paperless classroom.

Concept Videos

Include concept video with homework
assignments to boost understanding.

Chapter & Section

Focus on key learning areas and concepts.

Custom Exercises

Include exercises for the student. Choose normal, randomised or skill based exercises for the students.

Provide homework
from anywhere

Simply log into your tutor account from anywhere any provide homework to a class or learner.

Other platforms.

MathU Infinity App

Help learners upgrade their skills

MathU Dashboard

Leverage data for learner insights

MathU Dashboard

Leverage data for learner insights


The MathU Parent App

New ways to engage with your child