Explore The MathU Dashboard.

The MathU Dashboard is an all-in-one platform that allows users to monitor entire courses, keep track of learners’ academic progress, and visually illustrate key metrics. As a result, teachers will be freed from administrative work, allowing them to devote more time to teaching.

One platform,

many roles

many roles

Unleash the power.

Safe and Secure

The MathU Dashboard keeps learner and educator data safe and secure. 

Main Dashboard

The MathU Dashboard permits at-a-glance understanding of multiple measures of learning and teaching success.

School Analytics

View overall school statistics on the dashboard, including student averages for each grade and custom performance graphs.

Grade Analytics

Analyse learning performance by age and class to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Student Analytics

Track each student’s progress and assessment scores, plus study hours and homework completion dates.

Insights from learner metrics.

Key metrics are provided for each student, including:

Average weekly hours

Spider graph

Monthly points earned

Improvement percentage in all grades

Exercises and assessments per chapter

Student performance average

Pathways progress

More ways to engage with MathU

MathU Infinity App

Improve learners’ math skills and confidence

Homework Scheduler

Create custom homework tasks for students

Homework Scheduler

Create custom homework tasks for students

The MathU Parent App

Support and encourage your kids by getting involved