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Keen to know how your child is doing in math? With the MathU Parent App, you’ll be able to see their progress, where they’re improving, and where they may need help or encouragement. The MathU Parent App links directly to the MathU Infinity App, giving you instant feedback on your child’s learning path.

Help your child today.

Experience the power of the MathU Parent App.

Push Notifications

Get notified each time your child completes an assessment or achieves a new high score.

Chapter Summary

See a complete breakdown of each chapter your child has completed or is working through.

– View exercise scores
– See assessment scores
– Average chapter scores
– Active pathways
– Assessment scoreboard

Add & switch
between profiles

As each of your kids discovers the MathU Infinity App, you can add them to your MathU Parent App and view their progress individually.

Choose your theme: light or dark.

Available now for Apple and Android

Leader Board

See how your child’s performance compares to other students using the MathU Infinity App.

In-App Notifications

Get updates about MathU events, weekly rewards and special offers.

Other platforms.

MathU Dashboard

Explore student, class and school analytics

Homework Scheduler

Create custom homework tasks for students

Homework Scheduler

Create custom homework tasks for students

The MathU Infinity App

Individualised math learning