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MathU Infinity
Infinite ways to learn

MathU uses adaptive learning to obtain stellar results. Our computer algorithms guide each learner’s interactions with the learner and deliver customised resources and learning paths to meet each student’s unique needs.

This means that each learner can advance at their own pace, and has the chance to master each concept before moving onto the next one. Our App serves  educational material according to students’ learning needs, as shown by their responses to questions, tasks and experiences.

MathU is driven by the latest educational thinking and draws on computer science, AI, psychometrics, psychology, and brain science to create tailormade – and highly effective – math learning solutions.

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MathU Infinity

Parent App

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Engineered for success.

Our amazing team of UI/UX designers and developers work side by side to ensure each learner has a rich, rewarding journey goes across all our platforms.

Easy navigation

Control your journey and track your progress with our on-point mapping.

Online or offline

No internet needed, so there’s no danger of your data running out. The MathU App will automatically sync with the database the next time you’re connected.

Video tutorials

Watch as an engineer walks you through each memo and explains key concepts.